Mark Three

Jesus Christ sits within,
Teaching those who listen in
“Lord, your mother for you calls!”
Someone outside bawls.
Jesus pauses in His talk,
Looks about on those who flock
Gathered near to hear His words.
“Who binds me in familial cords?
“Behold, they stand here near Me!
“For all those who God’s will shall see
“And do such, these are my family.”
Oh how shall I describe this ably?
That Christ could look on me,
He Who knows my heart to be
A well of slime and ink-black sin
(Without Him no good within has been)
That me the Lord of all declares
“This one shall be my coheir.”
Oh world of wonders, chief delight!
That I partake of this, poor wight?  
Jesus looks on me in love,
Familial closeness from above…
And yet what says He, so good and dear?
“All those who God’s will shall hear
“And do, these they are that stand near me
“And of my family these shall be.”
To do God’s will is a joy indeed
Which draws us thus to be His seed.
God grant me patience His will to do
Through all in life that might ensue!
The Christian life is not meant to daze
Or lounge about with slothful laze.
We are meant to live in love,
To do the will of God above.
Each day I rise my thought should be,
“How shall I please my Lord, let’s see…”
Thus shall I be drawn in near,
To be Christ’s family dear.
It is strange for us living here
To this doctrine clearly hear.
But God cares what we do
And this ought to be thought through.
“Those who do God’s will,”
Says Jesus Christ, without a frill,
“These shall be my brothers true.”
We ought to think of it in lieu
James says those who obey,
Their assurance thus will weigh.
Grace saves us without a doubt.
But Jesus says to those about
God’s will should not be ignored
By those he would take to ward.
Rejoice, brothers and sisters mine,
For this your bloodline is divine!
Yours is Christ, Christ is yours
Let your heart take off and soar
High above the world so drear
To Christ’s teachings draw in near
So serve God well
And as a brother dwell. 

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