Don’t expect cute little imps with pixie dust with these tales. This is Faery, and any sensible person knows faery hubs are more dangerous than invading a dragon’s lair when the dragon has a splitting headache. Even a faery’s favor is likely to kill you. Avoid relations with faeries at all cost.

Age suggestion 8 - Adult


When faery unions go bad,

Chivalry steps in.

Life can be hard living in a faery hub. You never know when you might wake up not looking like...yourself. But for Henrextile Mung, the situation becomes unbearable when Finkle the Faery refuses to turn him back to a prince. It’s up to Henry and his younger brother Tug to fix the situation before there’s no Henry left. But there are schemes seething under the surface and the brothers’ quest may mean more to their world than even they realize.


Impish faeries, evil pirates, and chivalrous hearts, tossed together on the high seas!

A wager among faeries never bodes well for humanity. Mattrinka Grovyer knows it, yet he finds himself stuck in the midst of faery squabbles. Matt is sure there's a better way to get spices for their cookery than capturing the ten most dangerous pirates alive. But once chosen by a faery, there’s not much a man can do about it. Will Matt manage to win Durgum’s bet, rid the seas of pirates, open the way for spices inland, and still keep from being turned into a newt?