What I am working on now; because I am always working on something


The Way of the Ravens

A two-hundred-year-old stolen Bible. A mute musician and his chimera. Lasers and hover cars. A brother and sister trying desperately to cope with the death of home.

Sometimes, even for a Christian, the world gets so black it’s hard to bear to live. But even in the midst of devastation, loss, and horrible persecution, God’s hope can penetrate. And where hope goes, light spreads. And when light spreads, strength grows. And with a return of strength, comes the remembrance God delights in His people when they do what He desires, and delighting our good God brings joy. Yes, even in the midst of the worst this world can offer, joy comes to a Christian. It seems paradoxical, but most experienced Christians will tell you, God’s hand is felt strongest in the midst of the hardest moments: and the hardness is worth it for the tingling joy He brings.

Back to 2010, I wrote a trilogy titled Consider the Ravens. It explores hope in the darkness, and joy even in the midst of horrors, and introduces some of my favorite characters I have written so far. I am intensely excited to leap into the midst of these books again, and begin to get them into shape (because, boy, do they need work!). I can’t wait for you to get to meet Joe the outcast, and Anna and Nehemiah Hillson, striving to recover their kingdom after the rest of the world stepped in and forced it into disintegration, after their book was stolen. Without a book at its base, no kingdom is allowed to live. Can the three young people and their big chimera friend unravel the pieces of the puzzle and find their book, and why it was taken? Or must God’s people always live the life of the hunted, without a place on Earth to call their own, and never even a hope of safety? Anna and Nehemiah know they must find that book, and set off in a hunt, dodging lasers, and a mysterious something that keeps popping back and forth in an unexpected swirling black ball… But with all the unexplained dangers chasing them, Anna and Nehi begin to fear their worst danger might come from their unexplained traveling companion, a mute musician whose silence might be more dangerous than the army out for their blood.