A two-hundred-year-old stolen Bible. A misfit musician and his chimera. Lasers and hover cars. A brother and sister trying desperately to cope with the death of home.

Devastated by the loss of their country and the destruction of their home, Anna and Nehemiah have found themselves enslaved by their enemies. Their lives and fortunes change suddenly again when a mute outcast and his chimera friend sweep in to their rescue. Anna and Nehemiah could not have foreseen their new rescuers being the ones to lead them into the dangerous wild lands, but amidst the monsters and wonders, God has a way of driving people together. Friendships start to form. But as the musician's wagon hovers closer to the next kingdom, the siblings begin to wonder if their silent companion is more dangerous than the mysterious group out hunting for their blood.
A sweeping tale of devastation and hope, betrayal and trust, intrigues and villains in the shadows, a country trying to resurrect from the ashes... The Sojourners will take you on an adventure that keeps you turning pages and, maybe, leaves you questioning how the world around you functions.
A six-book series, watch for a new book each half year!

Ravens Ruins

A musician, a chimera, and a spark that ignites a kingdom.

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Stolen. The kingdom’s book is gone. And a blackmail letter is the only clue. No kingdom is allowed to survive without their book. When the rest of the world steps in and crushes their kingdom, Anna and Nehemiah find themselves enslaved, with everything familiar in their lives stripped away. But God remains the same. And He sometimes chooses surprising rescuers. A mute and chimera, the mysterious traveling musicians who call themselves the Ravens, are not the heroes  Anna and Nehemiah expected. But as new friendships begin to form from the ashes of the laser-charred ruins of their old lives, the twins begin to wonder if the Ravens are more than they appear. With intrigues in their midst, a mysterious group hunting them, and a Bible to find, can Anna and Nehi survive long enough to re-kindle the light of truth in the dark world?

Book 1

Keep the Vision Burning...

"Remember Jesus is lovingly holding you secure. Remember where we are going. Remember eternity, and that God had promised he will never let you go. If we keep our eyes focused on that hope, if we keep the vision of the land where we are headed always before our eyes, then everything else fades in comparison. Trials become bumps on the road home."