A stolen Bible, a lost home, a mute musician and his chimera friend, betrayals and secrets, lasers and hovercars, and a kingdom to be reborn from the ashes. Find a tale of worldviews, intrigues, and friendships amongst the Sojourners.

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Vincent and Simeon (quirky young inventor and reticent retired CIA field agent) can be found under the "Parabaloni" tab, if you are looking for an adventure – and perhaps a deeper understanding of how your faith impacts much more than just your own life.

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Dreaded King

If you are in the mood for tales of cloaks and pesky dragons and foreign parts, wander towards the "Dreaded King" page, and meet Charlie, Corinth, and Meagan, and their translator who is perhaps…well, we all have our oddities, I shouldn’t complain about his.

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Faery Tales

Don't expect little flitty, flighty fairies here. This is Faery, and danger and surprise lurks around every corner. Faeries are the most dangerous of the lot. A faery's favor is just as likely to kill you as their curse. Middle-school books, these stories are designed to be rollicking fun for young ones and parents alike.

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Peruse my Musings

How do you connect corgis, mismatched American spies, lasers and mute musicians, people in cloaks on foreign planets, cockatoos and mold spores, faeries and pirates, and random author’s news? You can find it all, and much more, by browsing through my books and blog!

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Looking for music? New quotes? Maybe a new recipe to try? Head here and see what's posted today!

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Meet the Author

I have always been entranced by a 'good read' and can be found curled up reading or creating a book whenever I have a spare moment. What draws me to a book is usually simple interest in a fun tale. But what makes me love a book is the design of its content, where the ideas presented are trying to lead their readers. I have always been fascinated by the written word, philosophical reasoning, and good stories of bravery and honor. I found it all and more in the Bible, and strive to let its influence deluge all my writing.

If you are reading this, it means you are a fellow bookworm. Welcome! I know you could be reading a good story instead of a long explanation of myself, so let me keep this brief. I live in the middle of Texas, and grew up mostly in a dusty town in the southern New Mexican desert. (Yes, New Mexico is a part of the United States, and no, I am not a missionary, and yes, you can drink the water.) It is my delight and privilege to be a housewife to a wonderful man, mother to our little ones, and an Earl Gray connoisseur. Another of my constant activities is trying to keep our dogs from terrorizing the house and neighborhood with their determination to be always underfoot and hungry. (The work of a dog lover is never done.) When not writing, reading, chasing children or dogs, I can be found baking, hiking, or possibly broad sword fighting with my older brother. If you want a fuller explanation of me, go and read Psalm 30. The heart and purpose of my life can be found there, especially in the last two verses.

Enjoy my site, and be sure to check out my books. I love to hear feedback, good and bad, so don't be shy to tell me what you think of my work: leave an Amazon review, send me an email, or find me on Facebook! And keep watching! You never know when the writing itch will hit and another book will show up for you to read. Or, while you wait for a new book, you can always go glance at my blog and see what’s up with my life.

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Next Steps...

Are you a parent, wondering if these books are right for your child? There is a shortcut, so you don't actually have to read my books before allowing your son or daughter access.