The Seed’s Story

A tiny seed lay on the dirt
Longing curled in her breast
To be something she wasn’t yet
To see beauty revealed she didn’t know
A love of something hidden
A hope deep inside
Undefinable, unseen, unfulfilled

The rains came down
With the skies the seed wept
The longing dragged on day by day
The hope curled inside her, still unknown
Still something she did not understand
The rains came down
Swallowed, suffused, still unfulfilled

And the Lamb, as one slain,
Smiled as He watched
For He defined the hope she held

Nothing but darkness
The seed lost the hope
And it seemed even her life
Slipped off in the depth of the hopeless dark
But something still curled inside
A hope still unseen
Buried, breaking, bursting

And there in the dark
The only place it could be
The Lamb touched the seed

With a cry the seed burst
Color under the dirt
But in the dark all around her
She still couldn’t see the beauty
Of the thing uncurling from her wound
Green crept through the dark
Forcing, feeling, fetching

Gently the Lamb
Gave eyes in the dark
Slowly the seed saw

Green burst from the ground
Thirsty and new, young and fresh
Reaching high, and then higher,
Uncurling caressed by the breeze
Drinking in the light, laughing in the Sun
She saw her new form
Brilliant, bedazzling, beautiful

And the Lion laughed
As the lily
Clothed the field

From  Darius Cotoi, off Unsplash
From Darius Cotoi, off Unsplash

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  1. Beautiful works. Yes we do have a wonderful hope in and through Jesus Christ. Keep on with your work. Praying for you everyday!

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